The Crew

Our team or ‘Crew’ is made up of Carriers, Musicians and Followers

The Carriers are the guys that ‘Dance’ the Horse, and are responsible for repairs while we are out and about, they are mostly younger men that are up for a laugh and a joke, they carry the horse often for hours (or minutes) at a time and so need to be physically fit, you can normally tell them in the pub sessions as they are bright red, scraped nose from the mask, puffing and always last to the bar (not as they won’t buy a drink but the musicians leave them in the Horse outside), at the moment we have a great and dedicated team of carriers, but more are always welcome to try, just make your self known to the crew at Maytime and we will try and fit you in.

Carrier chat

The Musicians (including drummers), we currently have a great young troop of drummers and some of the best folk musicians in the country (so they tell me). We currently have around 6 box players that walk with the Horse, but a few of them are knocking on a bit and we would welcome fresh players that fit the team spirit… and have a squeeze box in G (yes guys its another exposure gig sorry). The drums we use are old floor toms with weather proof heads, the 2 main ones are tuned at different pitches and then we have a smaller one for the teenagers to use. most of our musicians start by joining in the pub sessions then when they learn to ignore Lando they join in on the street.

Our Followers, where would we be without them! they drive us around, feed, us join in the pub sessions with songs tunes and jokes, make us laugh and put up with an unending tirade of mickey taking and insults. Our followers are as much part of the Crew as anyone on the street playing or carrying, some have been with us for over 20 years and are part and parcel of the Horse, where it goes they go!

Shes going to hate me for this!